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The main information that must be explain to the patient is that he has to take sensibly support on the wedge when it is correctly in place, and doesn’t have to bite it strongly. 

1/ How many uses can I realize for an OPHIS dispositive?

30 uses for a dispositive

2/ How many same size OPHIS dispositive are there in one box?

There are three OPHIS dispositive of the same size in a box

3/ What are the size available?

Small, Medium and Large

4/ Is there a box for each size?

Yes, there is an “Intro” box where each size id available (1 Small equipment, 1 Medium and 1 Large)

5/ Where is the saliva pump?

It is located “wedge side”

6/ What to do when a patient find some difficulties to handle his tongue?

The way to do is to show him how to put his tongue in vertical position behind the screen when the equipment is installed.

7/ Is there an expiration date on the OPHIS equipment?

No, there is no time limit

8/ When the OPHIS dispositive had been used, that it had been disinfected and unitarily cleaned (wedge only and screen only) how to do the put the part altogether again in order to sterilize them under sachet?

It is very fast and simple : in each box, there is a visual notification that explain on the three first images the way to put together again the wedge and the screen.

9/ When are we aware of the use end of OPHIS dispositive?

When it becomes visually yellow and sticky that means that this is the end of the dispositive use

10/ What are the exact applications for OPHIS

Except for Endodontic treatment that must be realized under dental dam, in absolute term.  Everyone will find its own applications in the dental art various areas.

11/ How to find the right size on OPHIS dispositive?

Knowing that the wedge is the same in the three size, the indication is noted on the screen. On each inferior left side of the screen, a letter indicate the size : S for Small, M for Medium, L for Large

12/ How to proceed for the « OPHIS™ »  dispositive implatation in the patient mouth?

The implantation needs to set up the wedge at the molar level, then you need to lower the screen,  and move the back of it behind the last tooth antagonist at the wedge.