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Please consult the, ‘Visual Aid’ – there are nine pictures demonstrating how the Ophis can be easily dissembled and then reassembled after sterilisation and also, how to position the Ophis in the patients’ mouth.


Q. When should I use the Ophis wedge?

A. You will find the Ophis device an invaluable aid for treatments from fillings to crown preps.

Q. What instruction should I give the patient?

A. Just ask the patient to gently support the Ophis, when it is in their mouth, using it like a bite prop. Explain that it is designed to make their treatment more comfortable, to protect the soft tissues and also to allow the dentist to provide the most effective treatment.

Q. What is the correct position in the patients mouth for the Ophis?

A. The Ophis should sit behind the last tooth.

Q. What advice should be given to the patient if their tongue is very defensive?

A. Ask the patient to hold their tongue in a vertical position, behind the Ophis while it is inserted.

Q. How often can I re-use the Ophis?

A. Each wedge is manufactured in a non-silcone material that can be autoclaved up to 30 times. After 30 autoclaves it will become yellow and sticky and should be discarded.

Q. Where it the best position for the saliva ejector?

A. it should be placed beside the wedge.

Q. What sizes of Ophis are available?

In an ‘Introductory’ box we provide 3 sizes of device; small, medium and large. Going forward, devices are sold in boxes of 3, all the same size.

Q. Is there an expiry date on each Ophis?

A. No, there is no time limit to use an Ophis device.